[Scribus] 2 questions about download

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Sat Nov 11 11:07:35 CET 2006

Le Tigre a ?crit :
> Riku Leino a ?crit :
>> Le Tigre wrote:
>>> - how can you know if the cvs version is new. I mean, if I do:
>>> cvs -z3 co -r Version13x Scribus
>> After doing that you'll have directory called Scribus. Then after installing 
>> do not delete that directory. You can later use it to upgrade. To upgrade use 
>> the command below in the Scribus directory. This will only fetch the changed 
>> files. You should read some cvs introduction to get more info about the 
>> details. When using the command below you'll see different flags prepended to 
>> the file names. These will tell you what has happened. man CVS will explain 
>> you these under the header "Import Output".
>> cvs -f -q update -d
> Thanks Riku.
> Indeed, I keep the same directory, and I realize that some files had
> been updated, so I think the day in "About Scribus" does not change for
> avery changes in the cvs.

I think the date showing up in "About Scribus" is changed manually and 
is sometimes forgotten in the update process. It happens from time to 
time. Nothing to worry about. But worth noticing.


>>> - I'm now (after mrdocs' advises) on OpenSuse 10.1. Is there a way to
>>> specify a "repositery" (I don't know if it's the term on Suse) to Yast
>>> in order to have Scribus 1.3.3x. Because in Yast, you have only 1.2.x,
>>> and you have to download manually on sourceforge the rpm (which is a bit
>>> pitty because you don't know when there's a new version).
>> Your initial checkout line in this message doesn't checkout the 1.3.3.x 
>> version but 1.3.x. For 1.3.3.x use the branch name Version133x.
> Actually, I'm using 1.3.3.x for production (and 1.3.4cvs in order to
> test it, in a parallel installation). And I'm not compilating the
> 1.3.3.x series: I'm just working with rpm, and as I installed the
> with the rpm, it's now "locked" in Yast, and I cannot upgrade
> manually.
> That's the reason of my question.
> Thank you again
> Raphael
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