[Scribus] PDF fields documentation

John Jason Jordan johnxj
Sat Nov 11 05:47:45 CET 2006

Calum Polwart pointed me to:


And it gave me a bit of a start, but it doesn't explain much about PDF
fields. Specifically, I need information about list boxes and combo
boxes; what is the difference, and how do I use them. Yes, I can place
one on the page. But then what? How do I link data to it? If I export
to PDF, will it be an editable field with drop-down choices? If so, how
do I do that? Calum mentioned creating a list for a list box or combo
box, but I can't find anyplace to create the list. I searched on
various things in the wiki and Scribus page and I can't find further
information. Is there another wiki page that explains PDF fields in
more detail?

Further pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!

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