[Scribus] no "Scripts" button ??

stu seven stu7seven
Thu Nov 9 21:21:06 CET 2006

+ Petr thanks for your reply.
I have checked everywhere... its not anywhere in menus or
toolbars, so, Im guessing the developmental version I got
just hadnt developed that far  :-)
No problem, I can load an older version.

On 11/9/06, Petr Van?k <petr at scribus.info> wrote:
> On Thursday 09 November 2006 19:05, stu seven wrote:
> > +    Yesterday, I read a post from a Scribus user
> > who was offering a Python script for formatting books...
> > but, on loading this on my system, I found that there
> > is no "Scripts" button on my Scribus interface... eeekkkk  :-)
> It's in main menu.
> >      Im using... I think it is so... hmmm... maybe
> > I need to recompile, specifying some "script" option ?
> > There is also mention of a "scribus scripting module" or
> > like that, so perhaps its something I havent seen.
> It depends ;)
> I suppose you have it installed as a binary package from your distro or as a
> precompiled Windows installation. Then it *should* be there (if the
> maintainers compiled it with Python (and they do it in most cases)).
> Anyway try to run scribus from a console. Does it write something as output? I
> mean something like "problem loading libscripter.so blah blah lalala"
> If you are using Scribus compiled from source it would be better to recompile
> it, esp. run ./configure again and check its output for missing Python
> libraries warnings etc.
> check it and good luck
> petr
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