[Scribus] Downloading Scribus

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed Nov 8 20:18:11 CET 2006

listen at thomas-zastrow.de wrote:
> On Wednesday 08 November 2006 13:07, Nicholas Vettese wrote:
>> I have never had a problem either.  I always go to, windows.scribus.net,
>> and follow the prompts.
> Guys, it doesn't matters if anybody had ever a problem in finding the 
> windows-version - but when I try to download a program and there is a 
> navigation-point called "Download" I expect to find the program-files there.
> So, please, just add a Link "Windows-Downloads" on the download-page, just as 
> there is already a Mac-OS-section, and I'm satisfied ... ;-)
I very much agree -- I've mentioned this on the list before. It seems to 
me (and others) that when you click to Downloads from the front page, 
you should be able to go straight to ALL downloads for ALL versions. 
Especially when you've already installed Scribus and just want the 
latest version, you don't need the whole explanation, just the .exe file.

All too often I find myself in a loop trying to find the Windows downloads.


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