[Scribus] The Indian state of Kerala (and Scribus?) (Duleep Samuel) Scribus Digest, Vol 45, Issue 18

Duleep Samuel dksamuel
Wed Nov 8 07:06:42 CET 2006

India Asia, will definitely need fonts at least in the major languages
fully I accept
A good percentage in India do not use English at all .(for what
purposes can I ask  respectfully in English otherwise will have to use
sign language)
I dont accept the statement, even cab drivers in Bangalore will answer
me repectfully only when I talk in English (or they will say EEN
Sarere nimake English Nodillayava (Dont you Know english)
My question is "Who should develop such fonts" only Scribus unpaid
volunteers, not IISC /IITs / IIMs / CDAC / IDLC or INFOSYS / WIPRO /
TCS why only Scribus and that too free, why cant such great
corporations tie up with OSFand sponsor some good work, why does CDAC
refuse to release its ISFOC fonts produced using OSF tools and by
Taxpayers money (as I know till recently), I say because of of the
availability quality but free materials we all feel that every wish of
us should be met by others, someone somewhere, freely. Indians must
contribute to such programs and Indian companies should encourage and
not discourage OSF contibutions from their stars. One great Vice
Chairman told in India " Software business is simple It is the
difference between what we charge our clients in $ per hour and what
we pay our staff  per month in Rupees. The remaining is pure profit"
till such attitudes remain some Canadian who has studied Malayalam and
a German who has studied Tamil will make our much needed ISFOC fonts
for India, Samuel

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