[Scribus] Using Scribus in the classroom?

Craig Bradney cbradney
Tue Nov 7 22:08:21 CET 2006

On Tuesday 07 November 2006 20:58, Moritz Dorka wrote:
> Hi Rolf, hi Craig,
> On Tuesday 07 November 2006 00:17, Craig Bradney wrote:
> > I think the youngest known Scribus user that the team is aware of is 6..
> > so a 4th or a 5th grader should be fine. I might be an exception, but I
> > was certainly typing quite ok by the time I was 9..
> I was able to type by the age of 9, too. But probably we're both
> exceptional. Look where you are now: You are a Scribus *developer* and I'm,
> well, at least a user. But nevertheless, you cant expect everybody to be
> like us. The vast majority of kids (at least at my school) is _not_ able to
> type at that age. Even graduates (my age) have difficulties setting
> footnotes or tables correctly. And I'm talking of shitty M$ Word (not
> Scribus), which they use for almost everything (including 30 page essays
> which make Word crash every other time).

Ah no, that was not my point.. my point is people try to mystify the high end 
of publishing into an unreachable level so as to exclude those from it at the 
lowest end.

While we all deride MS Publisher for all its bad sides, it does give the less 
capable, or less technical, or whatever, the ability to produce a document 
that they see they need.

My point was, I guess, the most standard and basic functionality of Scribus 
remains accessible to users of any level really, without the need to get into 
colour management and PDF x/3 etc etc.


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