[Scribus] New user needs help

Tom Fenn tfenn
Tue Nov 7 00:37:38 CET 2006

*Hi, need help getting Scribus* * up and running. I downloaded this 
program and the most current ghostscrip and had no problem in installing 
it ran just fine. I started having problems of Windows locking up. I 
uninstalled both programs using the control panel. Found my problem in 
another program and fixed it. Now the problem, I again downloaded both 
of the current programs as I did before when I start to install Scribus 
it stalls every time at ?reading preferences?.. Tried everything I could 
think of ,no luck it getting it to run. I have Scribus 1.3.34 and 
Ghostscrip 8.54. My OS is Windows XP pro with all the updates installed. 
Any help will be appreciated.*


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