[Scribus] Windows booklet printing

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Nov 5 17:41:20 CET 2006

Peter Nermander wrote:
> Not the way I see it. Booklet prinitng is having the computer guess how you want things to look. Imposition is telling the computer how you want it to look.
> DTP is about telling the computer how you want things to look. You do not want the computer to make any guesses or "help" you where you don't want help.
> When I want to do simple things and want the computer to help me, I use MS Word.
> When I want 100% control of how things look and are placed, I use Scribus.
> And when I want good layout for complex documents without having to work to much I use LyX.
This is an interesting and important discussion. It seems to me that if 
we step back from the particulars of something like booklet printing and 
imposition, we might translate this into considering what kinds of 
Scribus operations would be helpful for these tasks, and perhaps other 
similar but not identical tasks that a user might desire.

The first is the ability to take a Scribus page as a whole and resize 
it, plus other operations like rotating or making a mirror image (I'm 
trying to think generically). So one could easily convert an A4 page to 
US Letter, or take two pages the size of an A4 and shrink/rotate to make 
an A5 booklet page.

The second is in regard to imposition as well as more generalized 
operations that involve rearranging the pages in an organized fashion. 
This might not necessarily happen at the .sla document level, but rather 
as the document is being exported to PDF. Perhaps a post-processing 
after PDF export.

Does this seem like a useful line of thinking?


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