[Scribus] My Solution

Roger hovergo
Fri Nov 3 23:28:43 CET 2006

  Yes, but he said "those are Windows users" - the wiki article refers to
a Linux environment with all those tricky little helpers and Ghostscript
on it...

Sorry, but I don't think broad insults at groups of users are a
particularly good idea. If you were joking I'm afraid it's not obvious.

There is a difference between windows users and learners as there is for Linux learners and users.
It's not the fault of the windows operating system, it's as good as it can be.

A windows 'User'  is not afraid of his OS, or computer and recognises the flaws that come with the
In time _will_ want to get away from those, and that is where Linux comes to the fore.
This is why so many major organisations, governments and individuals are migrating, it is inevitable.

The learner however ranges from 'On-Off Button Fear' through  'Keyboard Press Fear' , Modem Fear,
and so on and is probably a one finger typist  and one finger mouse-ist so the learning curve is
steep and nerve wracking. Fears are exacerbated by the horror stories.

Once a 'user' puts a little effort into Linux, they simply wont go back to windows.
There is really no reason to use windows exclusively.

My solution.
I and my daughters and many folk we know each  run 2 hard disks in our machines , simple, no fuss.
99 percent of our work now is Linux anyway and we have absloute email and web virus protection.
I would most heartily reccomend to all windows  _'Users'_ to seriously consider installing Linux and
running both OSses, take a little time to get acustomed, it is well spent and the issues
of Scribus and other cross platform softwares simply go away.

Oh I forgot, we each use Blender, Xara xtreme, Open Office, and Scribus on both windows and Linux
via a shared Fat32 partition.
Honestly, no problems. When windows carks it, who cares. - work continues at the flick of switch.

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