[Scribus] Subdivisions, Columns, Tables

Michael Koren kung42o
Fri Nov 3 03:47:39 CET 2006

Alt 033 wrote:
>> > What is the reason that text boxes aren't suitable to provide the
> appropriate columns, rows and
>> > spacings in the discussion thread.
>> >
>> Discussions like this one always come down to effectiveness or
>> productivity. The less you have to do to achieve your layout, the less
>> time it takes. Drawing, manipulating, resizing, placing any object on
>> the page take an amount of time. When you multiply the objects, you
>> multiply the time. When you then change your mind and have to re-edit,
>> you can suddenly discover that it would have been easier if things have
>> been done another way.
> This is the reason I posed the question.  I am working on a book layout
> that
> requires a change from one column to two columns and back to one column at
> irregular intervals throughout.  I did the original layout using linked
> text
> frames.  But the project supervisor decided to make changes, lots of
> changes
> to the copy, to the type size, even to the page dimensions.  These changes
> did not come to me all at once.  He requested a different change with each
> new draft.  So I have resized these text frames more times than I can
> count.
> Had the copy had come to me fully edited, and had the layout originally
> discussed proved satisfactory, text frames would have been adequate.  But
> working for people who fail to appreciate the concept, "Measure twice, cut
> once," having the option of multiple columns and rows that flow with the
> story would save me a lot of grief and time.

Also, that way you could save a layout configuration as a style so it can be
reused with other documents, where you want a consistent appearance but the
actual text and section lengths, etc., vary. Even for only one document, if
it's longish with a lot of sections, making that many frames by hand as you
import everything would take a lot longer than importing one text file
(maybe with special markers for layout transitions) and applying your layout
style to a single frame. :)

> Best,
> Ron


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