[Scribus] I really shouldn't open my mouth... but I'm going to

Richard Detwiler RLShadow
Thu Nov 2 14:02:04 CET 2006

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> It's sort of a philosophical issue. Windows users tend to be something 
> like spoiled children, and like dealing with a spoiled child, you have 
> to find ways to get them to learn in spite of themselves. 
Is this type of comment really necessary or productive? Does insulting 
the majority of computer users in the world advance the product in some way?

There are many, probably a large majority of, computer users in the 
world who think of the computer as a tool to get a job done, much like a 
car is to get from one place to another. They don't want to have to 
learn how an engine works, they want to know that when they turn the 
key, the car starts, and know how to use the controls on the car.

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