[Scribus] I really shouldn't open my mouth... but I'm going to

Cedric Sagne csagne
Thu Nov 2 09:46:39 CET 2006

Yes indeed fishing for flames is a very ungentleman-like sport. It would be good if this list does not get off topic and no nasty words are heard. We get enough trolls  as it is already. 
BTW if you write as a subject line "I really shouldn't open my mouth." you know you shouldn't have.... lol

Windows is (and any sentence beginning by "Windows is" is out of topic on this list) an operating system which has its limitations and its strengths, used (oh no) by 90% of desktops and whose biggest strength is it's an OS for dummies. Actually saying it is an OS for dummies is quoting the sharpest edge of it, the one reason why you would want it, in spite of all its weaknesses.
My three attempts on Linux proved me I needed a computer and an OS that worked fine most of the time and would be a work tool because I have things to do, and little time to waste. If anything I join the "dummies" group willingly.

Just like Macs. They are computers for people who have work to do and do not want to spend time trying to figure out how it works. They just want the machine to work. Actually Macs are computers for people who don't like computers.

For Scribus to be a success, I am indeed of the opinion that the Windows build cannot be considered secondary. For all his mistakes, his low blows, his tricks, let's not forget Bad Billy has also made some clever choices.

We have the perfect Group for you. Check out the handy changes to Yahoo! Groups.
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