[Scribus] Large documents and books in Scribus

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Wed May 31 12:17:28 CEST 2006

>There has been some discussion about large documents in Scribus, 500
>pages and more.
>I was wondering if it's feasible to do such a document in chapters
>rather than the whole book at once, this way alterations dont affect the
>whole and changing/opening / saving is speedier.

Hi Roger,

This is exactly what I would strongly suggest to do with such a large 
document. Actually, not doing so is going to be just not possible at 
the moment in Scribus. Also, since Scribus is so good at exporting 
PDFs, the need to actually assemble such a large piece at the end of 
the layout process could be unnecessary. Just export the PDFs by 
section and either put them together with a PDF tool if you need to 
or hand them like that to your printer. In that case, just make sure 
you name your files in a logical way.

Lots of printers today will have no problem handling many PDF files 
to achieve a single book.

Keep in mind that unless this book will be printed on a digital press 
that output assembled books, larger presses oblige to print by 
sections (signatures) of, say, 8 or 16 or 32 pages in the reading 
order (for perfect binding) depending on paper size and page format. 
So, basically, the imposition process will split the job into 
sections anyway.

I am *not* saying your own sections should follow the printing 
section pattern (although they could). I want to point out that it is 
going to be split anyway so it shouldn't matter for the printer. Very 
little extra work. Good negociation from the start (people don't like 
surprises!) could avoid extra costs for doing so. After all, it takes 
not much time to assemble a PDF from other PDFs.

Also, large documents can be (are) a pain for any system at any end 
of the chain. So it is a good idea to split large documents into 
smaller documents. The reasons you give are all good for this and 
what is true for you is going to be true for others down the river.



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