[Scribus] Printed colors different that monitor colors...

Hal V. Engel hvengel
Tue May 30 21:14:13 CEST 2006

On Tuesday 30 May 2006 10:02, Tino Schwarze wrote:
> On Tue, May 30, 2006 at 11:37:12AM -0400, Klerman wrote:
> > I'm printing some brochures with Scribus and an HP laserjet 2600n
> > printer, and the colors in the printed pages are very saturated compared
> > to those on the screen.
> I'm not sure about your printer, but cosumer or office printers are
> often not able to print plain CMYK (which is what you get if you export
> your PDF for Printer). They will somehow (badly) convert to RGB, then to
> CMYK again. It might actually be only a driver issue.
> Your best may want to try exporting to RGB (setting "Screen") and printing
> that.
> > I've read some paragraphs in the manual, related to color management, but
> > I work with Windows XP, and first of all I can't find any monitor profile
> > creation tool for this OS.

LProf will be available as a Windows binary soon.  In fact the Windows porting 
work is the only thing that is holding up the next release and work on the 
Windows installer for the next release is just now starting.

ArgyllCMS also is available for Windows.  It is a set of command line only 
tools that does not support the creation of monitor profiles using "visual" 
techniques like LProf does.  But if you have a supported instrument you will 
get very good monitor calibration and profiles using this software.

> > My questions. Can someone refer me to a good source of information
> > regarding color management ?. Where can I get a free utility for creating
> > the monitor color profile ?. Where can I get the color profile for this
> > printer ?.
> Look here for a start:
> http://docs.scribus.net/index.php?lang=en&page=cms
> especially
> http://docs.scribus.net/index.php?lang=en&page=moncal

I would also recommend the Norman Koren color management web pages that are 
located here http://www.normankoren.com/color_management.html .   These have 
a very good overview of the subject along with tons of detailed information 
that you can dig into after you understand the basics.  The information is 
very accessable.  It is also somewhat Windows centric but even users working 
on *nix and Mac systems will find this site very informative.


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