[Scribus] Prepare EPS for commercial print

momo momo
Tue May 30 03:21:52 CEST 2006


Inkscape does not produce CMYK graphics. It is because it is an SVG editor, 
and SVG supports only the RGB color model. Even when exported to EPS, the 
graphics are still RGB (at least in Inkscape 0.43, maybe things will work 
differently in the upcoming 0.44 release) so this can be a problem for the 
printer (RGB is unusable for offset printing...)

So the best to do is to import SVG (or EPS) generated by Inkscape into 
Scribus, and export the whole stuff as CMYK (in PDF for example.)


Mourad Mokrane
Art director
Lumen Design Studio

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>> Hi,
>> I'm fairly new to Scribus and DTP in general. I'm currently in the 
>> process
>> of getting to know the basics, but I do have one question I couldn't find 
>> a
>> clear answer on while searching the internet.
>> I recently designed a company logo in Inkscape. Since Inkscape produces
>> vector graphics I figured they would be suitable for printing. But the
>> commercial printers I contacted told me they need eps files in CMYK 
>> format.
>> Since Inkscape doesn't have that ability, but Scribus does I decided to
>> import the logo in Scribus and export it to eps from there.
> I designed graphics for my company's billing envelopes in Ikscape.  I'm 
> pretty sure I exported directly from Inkscape to eps and our printing 
> company seemed to think it was cmyk...  at least I think that's what they 
> asked for, and the envelopes came out great :)
> Am I remembering wrong?
> --TimH
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