[Scribus] FOSS Competition for Scribus ;)

Steven Boothe steven.boothe
Sat May 27 20:32:09 CEST 2006

On 5/26/06, Christoph Sch?fer <christoph-schaefer at gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> who'd a thunk it? Scribus now faces serious competition from a new FOSS project called DTP Blender: http://dtpblender.instinctive.de/cms/Main/Home

"serious competition"???

What was that about not knowing whether to laugh or cry?

I'd highly recommend viewing the screenshots before making the
decision to download and install. It might be that they are telling
enough to give you an idea whether it will be worth the time to you.
Of course I'm sure there is significant value for those seeking to
indulge their curiousity.

<laughter supppressor /on>
On the other hand it doesn't look so much like this project is in
direct competition with Scribus as much as it is an attempt to add
value to the work flow before finishing up with Scribus:

dtpblender: Philosophy
"A few words from dtpblender's creator:

"To bring it to the point: DTPBlender mainly addresses practical,
quick workflow issues rather than professional output. So far, I've
been in the lucky position that this output was always good enough for

I like using DTPBlender as an incredibly fast and versatile
"Sketchpad" which - at least for someone who takes the time to get
used to the user interface - is unrivalled by any other application I
know of. I've worked with Scribus, Inkscape, Flash, Illustrator,
QuarkXPress, Freehand, and I couldn't express my ideas nearly as fast
with any of them.

If nothing else, DTPBlender can be this "Sketchpad" for quickly
gathering your layout ideas, and then you can still use this as a
reference when recreating the "final master" in a "professional" DTP

Actually, I've considered doing it this way, and it has already
happened. For example, I once needed to make a design which was to be
a giant sticker. Obviously, actual foil needed to be cut, so this
demanded vectors. I developed the coarse layout idea in DTPBlender
fast, and then recreated it for vector/CMYK output in Scribus.""

See, no competition, they are just seeking to make it easier to
"sketch" out what you want easier and faster before handing off your
work to Scribus for the heavy lifting part of creating the output...
<laughter suppressor /off>

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