[Scribus] Intel Mac support

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat May 27 19:47:30 CEST 2006

Jim Killock wrote:
> Hi
> yes I did check this - but it seemed that the build had to be  
> recompiled at least? Also it was unclear from the archives if it was  
> the Aqua version or the X11 version, and referred to version 1.2
> I guess i could do this myself, when I have access to an intel Mac,  
> but my aim is to promote the program to 150 local parties in the EW  
> green party - so it would be better if it was built and ready to  
> download ....
There's always a way.
Start by contacting directly the person who said he/she had gotten it 
working on the Intel platform, find out what you need.
My guess is that, especially with the Intel Macs (not a Mac person 
myself), there is not a lot of variability in what people are going to 
have already on their Mac, so something compiled for one system is 
likely to work on another's.
So, you compile it, then make a package you can distribute to other 
Intel-Mackies out there, and voil?, you're a hero!


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