[Scribus] Drop Shadows going solid and hard edged in the PS File

Scott Karns scottkinsf
Wed May 24 19:47:34 CEST 2006

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From: Pieter Bruinsma <pbruinsma at fotgroup.com>
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Subject: [Scribus] Drop Shadows going solid and hard edged in the PS File

First off I am a newbie to scribus.

In Gimp I took our company logo and made a nice drop shadow. The shadow 
effect looks really good. Nicely blurred and soft edges. I added this to 
our brochure.

In the PDF file (though colours change significantly for the worse) the 
shadow effect remains untouched i.e. no problem.

However, in a PS file (the colours are good) the shadow effect becomes 
solid with hard edges i.e. looks awful.

Can anybody help around this problem?

Regards, Pieter

 Hello, Pieter.
 How did you create the drop shadow in GIMP? My guess is you're using alpha-channel to control opacity and while PDF-1.4 supports transparency, it (use of transparency) can cause such problems for a good many PDF processing programs.
 Just a guess on my part.

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