[Scribus] Drop Shadows going solid and hard edged in the PS File

Pieter Bruinsma pbruinsma
Wed May 24 18:05:48 CEST 2006

First off I am a newbie to scribus.

In Gimp I took our company logo and made a nice drop shadow. The shadow 
effect looks really good. Nicely blurred and soft edges. I added this to 
our brochure.

In the PDF file (though colours change significantly for the worse) the 
shadow effect remains untouched i.e. no problem.

However, in a PS file (the colours are good) the shadow effect becomes 
solid with hard edges i.e. looks awful.

Can anybody help around this problem?

Regards, Pieter
Ps. the application is excellent - I have not had any real problems 
getting up to speed. I like it.

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