[Scribus] Image files in Scribus 1.3

Marc de Banville marc
Wed May 24 15:39:23 CEST 2006

Hello all,

My name is Marc and I published late 2004 a book using Sribus 1.2 . Now 
I need to rehaul the whole book to prepare the second edition. I would 
like to use which I have installed in Win XP, Mandriva Linux and 
MacOSX Machines. I thought compatibility wouldn't be a main problem as I 
planned to start from scratch, using only the corrected text and 
pictures from the first edition.

My problem is that CMYK pictures I used in the French version of the 
book (nov. 2004) and spanish version (june 2005) now appear with weird 
colors (green), and not the correct size (somehow "cropped"), and not 
only into scribus. They export like that into pdf. This is happening 
only with some images, and not with others. When I check these pictuers 
into Photoshop, they appear correctely. I tried to change the color 
perfile of the image, not to avail. The info sheet revealed the new 
perfile, but the picture still appear weird.

When I try a pdf/X-3 output, the pictures maintain their weird colors. 
Strange enough, an older RGB picture, that I included for checking, that 
appeared as green within Scribus (but with no size problem) output to 
pdf with correct coloration.

I use scribus and have unchecked the "highlight colors out of 
gamut" checkbox. What happens? Is there a way to get my images back to 
the new book? I read all the documentation and mailing list thread and 
was surprised not to find a solution.

Thank you for your help
Marc de Banville

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