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Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Mon May 22 13:48:24 CEST 2006

Hi list,
over a year ago we requsted  on this mailing list the establishing of
the Scribus Public Wiki. Let's have a closer look at some of its
achievements and weak points.

1. Scribus Wiki has proven to be a viable and needed extension to the
official docs and this mailing list. We have roughly 200 registered
users (not counting the b?ocked spammers), ca. 10% of them are very
frequent Wiki contributors.

2. The biggest challenge we've encountered so far: spammers. Removing
spam and blocking those guys cost a few of us many sleepless hours.
Finally, we agreed on introducing a simple registration procedure over a
dedicated e-mail account. Spammers are gone.

3. Apart from the English main Wiki, there are 5 non-English subwikis:
Dutch, German, French, Polish, and Portuguese:

3a. The English Wiki has been used by Scribus users along with Scribus
developers. We've passed the initial learning curve and reached
respectable quantity. Currently, the English Wiki has been taken to the
new heights by some commited users (only to mention Gpittman's series of
 howtos on working with text and image frames).

3b. The Polish and Portuguese subwikis are the oldest ones and have been
maintained solehandedly by me and Ludi Maciel. It's still fun, but a few
new contributors would be very much welcome. You don't have to be a DTP
guru to be helpful, just start with such things as describing your
Scribus project in your language, or recommending a printer in you
neighbourhood which has proven to be scribus friendly...

3c. The German subwiki was established 4 months ago on a request from
one of the maintainers of the German Scribus Forum:
http://scribus-forum.de, who  delivered the first draft of the German
Main Page and intended to do more. Christoph Sch?fer took over shortly
after and is the sole maintainer and contributor of the German Wiki.
Again, some more input from other German native speakers would  be of
great value, since Christoph is one of the main contributors to the
English wiki and an efficient bug tracker, too. You can start with such
such things as searching  http://scribus-forum.de for useful tips and
faqs and adding them to the wiki.

3d. The French subwiki has some commited contributors, but there is
nobody -- please correct me, if I'm wrong -- who would take care of the
whole French Wiki. There is also a quite active French Scribus Forum:
http://linuxgraphic.org/forums/viewforum.php?f=20 which could be
searched for useful tips and faqs.

3e. The Dutch subwiki has just started, there is nothing to be seen yet,
apart from the Main Page (created by Christoph Sch?fer). All hands on deck:)

4. Our multilingual "Glossary of technical terms used in Scribus and its
translations" has matured to an useful tool for GUI and doc translators,
but it would be even more useful if it included a few more languages:

5. Finally, our top 10 Wiki articles (without main pages):

	1. Installing Scribus on Win32
	2. Win32 version of Scribus
	3. 1.3.x Roadmap
	4. Darmowe polskie fonty przeznaczone do druku
	5. Made with Scribus
	6. Your first PDF form with Scribus
	7. Scribus Links
	8. How to make a booklet
	9. Creating a brochure
	10. Live DTP CD



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