[Scribus] Import Pantone Colours

Patrick Ernst patrick
Mon May 22 11:24:22 CEST 2006

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Patrick Ernst wrote:
>> Possible bug. I opened a file for Raw Postscript - Solid to Process.ps 
>> and saved this as a Scribus file as per the cut up EPS files. The file 
>> is only 354kb in size but describes the full range of Solid to Process 
>> colours. My PC went very slow and top showed that Scribus was using 
>> around 85% of available RAM - I have 1.5Gb installed. I had about 32Mb 
>> real RAM left and some swap file. After the save, I imported the SLA 
>> file into the Colours dialogue and experienced the same thing. After the 
>> save, top reported Scribus kept the 85% RAM although CPU was back to 
>> normal. RAM was freed only by exiting Scribus.
> By the nature of what they are and how they are used, EPS files in 
> Scribus are memory hogs, both in RAM and with any saved file. I presume 
> you're using a recent vintage Scribus -- there was a memory leak problem 
> a few months ago.
> Greg
> _______________________________________________
Hi Greg. EPS and PS files in most apps seem to suck up memory. The 
Scribus version is on Suse 10. I was concerned that after 
closing the file that Scribus didn't free the RAM. I don't know if this 
is a leak as such or whether it is a problem with a 'free' routine or 
normal behaviour.


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