[Scribus] Import Pantone Colours

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun May 21 15:50:27 CEST 2006

Patrick Ernst wrote:
> Possible bug. I opened a file for Raw Postscript - Solid to Process.ps 
> and saved this as a Scribus file as per the cut up EPS files. The file 
> is only 354kb in size but describes the full range of Solid to Process 
> colours. My PC went very slow and top showed that Scribus was using 
> around 85% of available RAM - I have 1.5Gb installed. I had about 32Mb 
> real RAM left and some swap file. After the save, I imported the SLA 
> file into the Colours dialogue and experienced the same thing. After the 
> save, top reported Scribus kept the 85% RAM although CPU was back to 
> normal. RAM was freed only by exiting Scribus.
By the nature of what they are and how they are used, EPS files in 
Scribus are memory hogs, both in RAM and with any saved file. I presume 
you're using a recent vintage Scribus -- there was a memory leak problem 
a few months ago.


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