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Sat May 20 23:38:24 CEST 2006

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Judy Miner

> Thomas Z. wrote:
>> Please, feel free to tell me what do you think about it!
> This is a very promising flyer. Thanks for your efforts.
> There are some grammar mistakes and typographical no-nos that need
> to be fixed in order for the flyer to appear as professional as it
> needs to be. On the first page, "More Information and Downloads," it
> should be
> The Logos of Scribus's Friends
> instead of
> The Logo's of Scribus' Friends
> An error like that would put me off right away.<g> And I'm not the
> only one, I assure you.
> It should be
> Scribus's Friends
> at the top of the left column, not
> Scribus' Friends
> I wonder if you could include URLs for the friends. That would be
> helpful to the readers.
> There are several things that need fixing on page 2. I'll simply
> move through the text from the top.
> *     What is Scribus?
> and
> Why Scribus?
> don't belong in the top band because the text directly under "Why
> Scribus?" does not tell us why we should use Scribus. Perhaps if you
> moved the two lines at the bottom of column one to the top of column
> two you could leave What is Scribus? and Why Scribus? in the top
> band. You have plenty of room to do this if you reduced the size of
> the pen in the bottom right somewhat.
> *     There is no need to hyphenate Linux in "Open Source Desktop
> etc." Just move the whole word to the next line. In any case the
> hyphenation is incorrect because the word is pronounced LIN-uks in
> English, not LINE-uks. Hyphenated, the word is Lin-ux. But I
> wouldn't hyphenate it here.
> *     It should be Mac OS X, not MacOSX.
> *     Please use curly quotes!
> *     Calle d by
> Ne w s forge ,
> "..one of th e
> k ille r applications
> for Linux",
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