[Scribus] Promotion-material for Scribus?

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Sat May 20 23:46:18 CEST 2006

Am Samstag, 20. Mai 2006 14:28 schrieb Maciej Hanski:
> Zbigniew Szalbot wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I thought about one more tool that we - as a community - could use very
> > effectively. Namely, if there was a person in charge of writing press
> > releases as soon as a new version of Scribus sees the light of the day,
> > it would be more than useful for a *professionally written* PR to be
> > published either on this list or on a dedicated PR list. Then all willing
> > to translate into their language, could do it (hopefully offering
> > professional translation skills too) and send it to all known pc
> > magazines in their country. I think this could have a tremendous effect
> > on Scribus popularity. Especially in the MS world where Scribus is little
> > known.
> >
> > Steps that would need to be taken:
> > 1. Prepare a Scribus PR template
> > 2. Designate someone to write a good PRs in English (attach good quality
> > screenshots, etc.)
> > 3. Have people translating them to their languages (as far as possible
> > use those who have some translation experience)
> > 4. Encourage them to build a list of local computer magazines and send
> > each press release to the editors.
> Fully agreed, with some additional remarks.
> Ad 2. Peter aka mrdocs has been writing these things  in professional
> manner for some years by now. So this is probably less a question of
> "who" than "how to make it even more perfect"

The general description of Scribus needs an update. "Scribus did so by almost 
a year" in connection with PDF-X/3 support doesn't make much sense since it 
doesn't state when that happened.

> Ad 3. The last Scribus release announce was released in 3 languages
> (English, French, German), and there will be more of them. So this is
> probably a question of having the original announce delivered to
> translators a few days ahead of the release, and setting a deadline for
> receiving back their translations.

I think announcing readiness to translate to mrdocs will do, but he can tell 
about it better than I.

> Ad 4. Add some Usenet groups devoted to DTP and printing to this list.
> Some of them are very active, highly professional and work in similar
> way to this mailing list. The best example I can think of is pl.comp.dtp
> (I've been keeping them in touch with Scribus for quite a while now, and
> I've received very much in return). There is also de.comp.text.dtp (less
> frequented, but still worth tending), and there  probably will be
> similar French, Russian, etc. Usenet groups that are worth keeping eye on.

Not only that. Everyone here should get email addresses of the computer/design 
magazines published in his country, then send them to mrdocs who can add them 
to his list.

> cheers
> Maciej

Just my 2 cents.


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