[Scribus] Flyer for Scribus

Thomas Zastrow listen
Sat May 20 20:21:16 CEST 2006

Dear friends!

Thank you all for your ideas and suggestions. Find a new version online, 
I tried to implement the most things.

I hope it's OK to answer just in one eMail and not in three.



Gregory Pittman schrieb:
> It might just take the form of: "Logos and information on this flyer are 
> from/courtesy of: www.scribus.net"
> Greg
Gregory: OK, I changed this and added the line from the documentation:

The copyright is owned by Peter Linnell and Franz Schmid, and the 
Scribus team. If it seems that there will be a problem, I'll write a new 

Louis Desjardins schrieb:
> You could even reduce the type by half a point to help achieve a nicer 
> typographic grey. See how it ends up. There is no "rule"... you have 
> to try it to judge. Of course, changing the font will have a big 
> effect on the final look.
That's it. Looking much better now.

> Luxi-sans Oblique is not embedded. Please see screenshot attached.

> I would personnaly not use Luxi but this is really a personnal choice.
What else? I also don't like this font ... but I don't know any good 
OpenSource-Fonts without Serifs ..

> Yes. But text is still very close to the edge of the paper. But this 
> is a more a matter of taste (so very subjective) than anything else.

Hhm, looks OK for me ...

> Please note that your title "What is Scribus?" is flush to the edge 
> with the blue band. A few points away would help imo.


Peter C(uhalev schrieb:

You can try free-sans. I use it a lot and it has a nice feeling. at 
least in my opinion.
I'd make the columns a little tighter so there is more margin, that 
gives the text a place to breathe. i feel it trapped in there.
Maybe a little more margin in case of pictures, just as you have on 2nd 
page 1st column, i think the next 2 are less distant from text.

There are more margin left and right now ;-)



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