[Scribus] Flyer for Scribus

Peter Čuhalev skatey
Sat May 20 19:35:29 CEST 2006

Thomas Zastrow wrote:
> Louis, thank you!
> There's a new version on http://www.thomas-zastrow.de/brochure.pdf
> Printing it on a LaserJet looks good.
> Btw.: I'm not sure what OpenSource-Font would be the best for such a 
> flyer? The Luxi-Sans, which I use at the moment looks a little bit to 
> heavy, I think.
You can try free-sans. I use it a lot and it has a nice feeling. at 
least in my opinion.
I'd make the columns a little tighter so there is more margin, that 
gives the text a place to breathe. i feel it trapped in there.
Maybe a little more margin in case of pictures, just as you have on 2nd 
page 1st column, i think the next 2 are less distant from text.

Otherwise i find it nice. maybe a made with scribus sign ;)


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