[Scribus] Flyer for Scribus

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Sat May 20 19:11:29 CEST 2006

>Louis, thank you!


>There's a new version on http://www.thomas-zastrow.de/brochure.pdf
>Printing it on a LaserJet looks good.
>Btw.: I'm not sure what OpenSource-Font would be the best for such a
>flyer? The Luxi-Sans, which I use at the moment looks a little bit to
>heavy, I think.
>Louis Desjardins schrieb:
>>  Hi Tom,
>>  It's short and sweet!
>>  Can I suggest you hyphenate the text so the type will stand out
>>  better? I would also suggest to use curly quotes and em dashes to
>>  achieve a more professional look. You could even use italic for the
>>  quote from Sourceforge.

Yes. Looks better now! :)

You could even reduce the type by half a point to help achieve a 
nicer typographic grey. See how it ends up. There is no "rule"... you 
have to try it to judge. Of course, changing the font will have a big 
effect on the final look.

Luxi-sans Oblique is not embedded. Please see screenshot attached.

I would personnaly not use Luxi but this is really a personnal choice.

>  > I find the margins to be very narrow. I wonder how this will come out
>>  from a regular printer. Also, the upper and lower blue bands are
>>  bleed and this will definitely challenge the printer. Anyhow, I would
>>  suggest you actually print the flyer and fold it to make sure it is
>>  to your exact taste. Some margins adjustments may be needed.
>I changed a lot ;-)

Yes. But text is still very close to the edge of the paper. But this 
is a more a matter of taste (so very subjective) than anything else.

Please note that your title "What is Scribus?" is flush to the edge 
with the blue band. A few points away would help imo.


>>  As a general note on many other works done with Scribus is some
>>  (many?) users seem to be unaware of the hyphenation capabilities of
>>  the program. Although not perfect (and Scribus is not alone on that
>>  field), the hyphenation engine works well and in many languages.
>>  Hyphenating text is a way to avoid bigger than necessary blank holes
>  > in some lines of text.
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