[Scribus] Promotion-material for Scribus?

Zbigniew Szalbot zszalbot
Sat May 20 15:36:48 CEST 2006

I can always help with the Polish language. Sorry I am new here so I haven't
realized these have been done. But I find that with open source projects
press releases are quite a good way to capture some folks' attention.

Warm regards,

Zbigniew Szalbot 

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Zbigniew Szalbot wrote:
> Hi all,
> I thought about one more tool that we - as a community - could use 
> very effectively. Namely, if there was a person in charge of writing 
> press releases as soon as a new version of Scribus sees the light of 
> the day, it would be more than useful for a *professionally written* 
> PR to be published either on this list or on a dedicated PR list. Then 
> all willing to translate into their language, could do it (hopefully 
> offering professional translation skills too) and send it to all known 
> pc magazines in their country. I think this could have a tremendous effect
on Scribus popularity.
> Especially in the MS world where Scribus is little known.
> Steps that would need to be taken:
> 1. Prepare a Scribus PR template
> 2. Designate someone to write a good PRs in English (attach good 
> quality screenshots, etc.) 3. Have people translating them to their 
> languages (as far as possible use those who have some translation 
> experience) 4. Encourage them to build a list of local computer 
> magazines and send each press release to the editors.

Fully agreed, with some additional remarks.

Ad 2. Peter aka mrdocs has been writing these things  in professional manner
for some years by now. So this is probably less a question of "who" than
"how to make it even more perfect"

Ad 3. The last Scribus release announce was released in 3 languages
(English, French, German), and there will be more of them. So this is
probably a question of having the original announce delivered to translators
a few days ahead of the release, and setting a deadline for receiving back
their translations.

Ad 4. Add some Usenet groups devoted to DTP and printing to this list.
Some of them are very active, highly professional and work in similar way to
this mailing list. The best example I can think of is pl.comp.dtp (I've been
keeping them in touch with Scribus for quite a while now, and I've received
very much in return). There is also de.comp.text.dtp (less frequented, but
still worth tending), and there  probably will be similar French, Russian,
etc. Usenet groups that are worth keeping eye on.


> I think that the long-term effect would be more than worth it.


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