[Scribus] Contextual styles [was: line spacing, sections, and styles]

Michael Koren kung42o
Fri May 19 23:28:13 CEST 2006

Christoph Schdfer wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 16. Mai 2006 17:32 schrieb Pierre-Luc Auclair:
>> On Tuesday 16 May 2006 02:56, Pierre Marchand wrote:
>> > lets me think he has a kind of "contextual style" in
>> > mind, >>>>> which is IMHO heavy to manage. <<<<<
>> > Maybe a  substyle mechanism would be easier.
>> > With his example it gives (in edit window):
>> > ...
>> > styleX
>> > Heading>alone
>> >               followed
>> > styleY
>> > ...
>> Yes, it's heavy to manage, but count the hours spent making your
>> contextual
>> styles perfect versus doing it by hand on the whole course of a book
>> (even
>> if you need to proof-read it later), even a document, or even some
>> template
>> used by secretaries in offices.
>> To me this would be a very powerful tool, despite being complicated.
>> Pierre-Luc
> Would http://bugs.scribus.net/bug_view_advanced_page.php?bug_id=0000363 be
> what you guys need?
> Christoph

Only when you know in advance the number of headers, subheaders, and such
for each section. Then you could make a specialized section style with first
N elements set as headers, etc.

But if the type of headings used is a part of the actual content of each
section, then you wouldn't know N ahead of time. You'd also still need a
mechanism for setting the various spacings based on all the possible
combinations, if you don't want to have to define each combination as an
independent style.

Does the contextual style idea that people mentioned mean that the behavior
of a style (such as space following) can depend on the next/previous styles
(kind of like specifying vertical kerning of style pairs, but that's a lot
of pairs)? Or does it mean defining larger semantic blocks in the content,
like sections containing headers, subheaders, and text, and then having a
kind of section style that sorts out how everything is formatted

I was thinking along the lines of the latter....

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