[Scribus] Borders in pdf and jpeg

hovergo at net-tech.com.au hovergo
Fri May 19 07:37:16 CEST 2006


>  When I export to image (PNG)
>> scribus seems to put a grey border around the image.  Is there a way
>> to turn this off? 
I had the same problem, it appears that if borders or margins are 'on'  on the page that you are working on then those borders and margins become part of the pdf or jpeg.

>Turn off and don't work with page borders and margins unless you really have to, you can set the grid spacing to emulate page margins anyway and the grid doesn't print.
>I think they are turned off in 'View' <show margins>, in the top menu, anyway turn it of and the problem goes  away.

Tables in Scribus, there's no way to accurately alter and set column 
widths and row heights that I can find.
I'd love it if Oo Writer tables  or any other spread sheet tables could 
be used like writer odt files.


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