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>On 5/18/06, Louis Desjardins 
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>  >I?ve been looking for this function but I can?t find the Align to
>>Baseline. It?s very usefull to make perfect aligned text and images. If
>>it is not implemented, I would like to request the introduction of this
>>function. As it can be used in any professional DTP aplication as
>>QuarkXpress and InDesign.
>This can be set in Paragraph Styles.
>Open the dialog and look for the linespacing icon.
>sorry, where is that?
>i see no icons on the 'edit style' dialog (apart from text alignment)!
>i have scribus <> (debian unstable package) here.

Sorry. This was for 1.3.x

In your version, you need to have a document open then go to Edit > 
Paragraph Style
Then, "New" and then look at "Vertical Space" in that dialog. There, 
check the "Lock to baseline grid" option.

The grid itself has to be set in Settings > Preferences > 
Typography > Other > Baseline grid



>This icon is actually a drop-down menu.
>Click on it and hold on to your mouse.
>You'll see the menu appear.
>One of the options is the Lock To Baseline Grid.
>We all know about this being hidden too well and work is underway to
>make that clearer for everyone.
>>Thnak you.
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