[Scribus] Drop caps revisited

Peter Dinnan pral
Fri May 19 05:43:28 CEST 2006

On Friday 19 May 2006 15:04, Gregory Pittman wrote:

> There is so much in Scribus! I think you only need to click the Style
> button to the left of the paragraph you want to apply a style, then
> select your style -- no need to highlight text.

Correct - there's no need to highlight the text - Oh, so much to learn with a 
new app  :-)

> It looks like you have to accept the top of the letter being flush with
> the tops of the non-drop caps letters on its line (ie, or you get into
> this overlapping problem)?

I don't have this problem with a 3 line drop - it's higher than InDesign 
though (just above the ascenders - the 'L' for example).  

...just tried it with a 5 line drop - it's the same as the 3 line

Ah, just had a thought, and tried it - 'The height is determined by the choice 
of font' - some higher, some lower than the ascenders.

Can you try it and see if it's the same with your fonts as well?



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