[Scribus] Dilemma: Scribus performance with Vector Graphics in Presentation

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Wed May 17 19:05:01 CEST 2006

Johannes Graumann wrote:
> I think scribus actually provides a lot of features tailored for
> presentations (see e.g., the 'Extras' tab in the pdf export dialogue. And
> the platform independence of pdf - produced from LaTeX, OO or scribus is
> identical.
I agree with you. I've done presentations with PDFs made with Scribus 
(no graphs), and compared to OOffice, it's much better.

Anyway, when I'm experiencing repetitive tedium in Scribus, I 
immediately think of scripts as an answer.

Attached is a rudimentary script I wrote this morning to show what I 
mean. This particular one has requestors for the title and x and y axis 
labels. Works on an existing page, could be modified to create a new 
page. Works for 1.3.4cvs, haven't had a chance to check earlier versions.
Other standard features could be added, then perhaps loading an EPS into 
a frame for the body of the data.

One could even write an interactive script for labeling data points 
based on document coordinates (graph coordinates might be trickier). 
Probably best as small scripts for individual tasks.

I'll put this in the Wiki when I get a chance. Also want to work on a 
generic pie chart creator.

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