[Scribus] Dilemma: Scribus performance with Vector Graphics in Presentation

Johannes Graumann johannes_graumann
Wed May 17 17:38:17 CEST 2006

Tobias Hilbricht wrote:

> Am Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2006 02:23 schrieb Johannes Graumann:
>> My problem is, that by dealing with such things as graphs in coordinate
>> systems (think axes, axis-labels, label-dashes, impulse plots with
>> annotation of prominent peaks) and technical drawings, the scribus
>> document - while eventually being able to yield a pleasing result - is
>> extremely tedious to work with.
> Is Scribus the right tool for a presentation with technical/scientific
> content like that? As I have no experiences with Scribus with respect to
> the creation of presentations - I took this feature as I nice asset to
> present onscreen a static layout meant basically for printing - I am
> wondering why you prefer Scribus over, say OpenOffice Impress or
> PowerPoint or LaTeX with beamer? 
I don't think that whether scribus is the right tool for presentations
directly relates to the issue I was inquiring about. I would have exactly
the same problem if I'd put together a brochure for my putative tech
company and I don't think anyone would argue that that kind of work is
outside of scribus' territory ...
I have used both LaTeX and OO for similar purposes, but LaTeX was ditched
because presentations design is IMHO a much more interactive process than
the automated typesetting of, lets say a scientific paper and didn't do the
job for me. When choosing scribus over OO I was specifically attracted by
the native import of eps and svg the former provides - and especially with
that I'm having problems now.

> All three tools offer ways to make the 
> result rather platform independent and they have more features, as far as
> the creation of presentations is concerned.
I think scribus actually provides a lot of features tailored for
presentations (see e.g., the 'Extras' tab in the pdf export dialogue. And
the platform independence of pdf - produced from LaTeX, OO or scribus is


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