[Scribus] Fonts won't embed, only subset

Craig Ringer craig
Mon May 15 05:40:50 CEST 2006

avox wrote:
> Colin Lewis wrote:
>> In Scribus on Windows XP, with Ghostscript 8.53, I cannot get
>> Times
>> New Roman Regular or Bold to embed. It will only allow subsetting. 
>> ...
>> Same goes for Arial.

As previously mentioned, if the're OTF then Scribus can't do true 
subsets of them yet (IIRC because it was found to be unreliable with a 
variety of older RIPs etc). They'll be looking bad in Adobe Reader 
because it won't be smoothing line-art. Enable that option and things 
should look fine (they'll print fine too, with or without smooth line 
art on).

>> All I want is one serif and one sans-serif font that will work properly in
>> regular, bold, and italic.
> You should try not to embed Times New Roman or Arial at all. Those get
> usually mapped to the standard PS/PDF fonts Times and Helvetica and
> should be supported by any PDF viewer or PS printer.

A lot of printers require you to embed these fonts. Given that PDF has 
accurate character placement even with slightly different fonts, I'm not 
really sure why, but they often do.

Craig Ringer

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