[Scribus] Fonts won't embed, only subset

Colin Lewis fclandy
Mon May 15 01:12:21 CEST 2006

In Scribus on Windows XP, with Ghostscript 8.53, I cannot get Times
New Roman Regular or Bold to embed. It will only allow subsetting. This
yields a pdf file that prints fine, but looks awful in Acrobat Reader on
screen. It also seems to be coming through as line-art, so the text-capture
feature of Acrobat Reader will not work.

I've tried other fonts, and found Sylvfaen Regular will embed, but haven't
been able to find anything that looks similar and will allow the bold font
to embed.

Same goes for Arial.

All I want is one serif and one sans-serif font that will work properly in
regular, bold, and italic.

Despite the hassles of trying to layout in a word-processor (previous method
before Scribus was available for Windows), it was actually easier to get
fonts that our commercial printer would print well, and look OK in the
online edition as well (with a smaller file size than I can manage with
Scribus). What am I doing wrong?

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