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Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Sun May 14 19:36:05 CEST 2006

>I'm trying to create a master document with automatic page numbers. I do the
>following steps as per the documentation. (I assume newer version is edit
>master page where it says template below).
>With your chosen document open, go Edit > Templates.. If you have not created
>any other page templates, then there will be just one named Normal.
>Next, create a text frame where you want the page numbers to go. Then, enter
>edit mode by double clicking on the text frame and place the pound or hash
>symbol as it is known. # Use one, two or three symbols depending on the
>number of pages needed. For 1-9 pages use a single #, for 11 - 99 pages use
>two # # Enter Alt+#. (US Keyboard users, are recommended to re-map this key
>to F7 for example.) Save the template and return to the main document.
>in edit mode my text box has Page ## Then I enter Alt+# (assume it means the
>plus key also) Have tried with and without + key. I close the little window
>(page name) and go back and apply the master page to my document. It appears
>but the text box has Page # +# or #. Has something changed thats not in the
>documents. Goggle also give the above procedures.

Close all documents
Go to Edit > Preferences
Find Keyboard Shortcuts in the list on the left
Find the "Insert" option down the list at right
Edit the Shortcut for Page Number (or at least check what it is and 
try with this one)

The procedure you describe is fine. You are only missing the Page 
Number shortcut.



>Any help will be appreciated.
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