[Scribus] Reporting bugs

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat May 13 15:38:00 CEST 2006

Searching for bugs can be very time consuming. It's hard to imagine what 
it's like for the developers, but it seems the end result is an 
ever-increasing and more confusing list of reports.

I would think there needs to be some kind of front-end weeding out 
process. One particular category that tends to stockpile is for feature 
requests. While many seem well intentioned, they can be difficult to 
understand, ill-conceived, and probably best seen in the context of 
other requests of a similar nature as well as the roadmap.

Also, extreme things, like Sig 11 crashes, at this point (in my 
experience) tend to be very transient problems with a particular version 
that get fixed as soon as they come to attention. Yet they can lead to 
repetitive reports when someone uses that brief "bad" version. Perhaps 
there could be a list of at least recent cvs versions with date that 
could be labeled as "bad" or "do not use - update".

When I have reported bugs, I find some of the decisions about labels to 
be difficult: what category, how severe. Maybe there could be a 
rethinking about how bugs are reported to help with these decisions.


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