[Scribus] Font problem - Bitstream type 1 not working

avox avox
Wed May 10 21:36:13 CEST 2006

Peter Haraldson wrote:
> Andreas wrote:
>> Currently Scribus uses the first, third and last method. Full embedding
>> of
>> TTF fonts is not suppported for PS since not all printers support TTF 
>> (also called Type42).
> Now I find that very interresting!
> I have spent some time searching the 'net for fontinfo, and ended up
> pretty confused (yes, I'm getting used to that...  :-)  )
> It's about using TTF or not: some say no, some say yes. I got the
> picture that the only problem with TTF is that there are many badly
> created out there, but if you just get good ones it's no problem using
> them.
> Now you say the above quoted, which in my ears sounds as "don't use
> TTF". Correct?

Not for older PS printers. TTF/Type42 fonts where added to PS language
level 3, there are still some printers out which only support level 2.

> A small wonder about converting to outlines: I tried that with an ad I
> created in Scribus, it had pictures (.png) and text. Picture was ok,
> text unreadable? Is this just something like the normal problem viewing
> .eps-files (which I do understand = not confused! (yet...) ?

After converting to outlines the text is best viewed at high resolution,
eg. printed on a 300dpi printer. Viewing in normal size on a 72dpi screen
will look bad, yes. You must understand that font engines do some real
magic with hinting to produce readable text on low resolution devices.
Also antialiasing might help to get a better result on screen.

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