[Scribus] Scribus Enhancements.

hovergo at net-tech.com.au hovergo
Wed May 10 02:04:10 CEST 2006

Hi all
Text Box manipulation.

May I propose a change to text box manipulation.
At present a separate menu and dialogs provide node selection, addition, 
etc after selecting the properties dialog.

Can node selection, addition, removal and movement together with a 
rotator handle be automatically 'on' when the text box is selected by 
single or even double left click - these features are standard in cad.
At present it is difficult to move a node without dragging other nodes, 
each node change must be closed and then the process restarted for the next.
May I suggest:
<Left click> selects the text box for alteration (as is)
Node selected when mouse hovers over that node, move mouse away and node 
is deselected.
 <Left click >on a node drags that node while the pointer is over that node.
<Crtl right click> adds  node at cursor/pointer position on the box 
<Shift right click> on a node removes that node.
Grabbing <left click> the text box anywhere inside moves/drags the text 
box (as is).

<Ctrl Left click> anywhere inside the text box provides a dialog with 4 
<edit contents of text box>
<select font>
<create another text box joined to this text box>
these features aid flow within the manipulation process.
 one other unrelated. Can altered text in a text box when saved, 
automatically update the original text. At present we can have 2 
versions of the same text,


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