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Craig Ringer craig
Tue May 9 18:29:15 CEST 2006

Peter Haraldson wrote:

> Tobias (my printer) says: "Subsetting means only the letters actually
> used are embedded in the document. You shall _not_ use it when sending
> to us!"

If they don't want you to subset fonts, try to avoid subsetting fonts. 
So long as your fonts aren't faulty there should be no problem including 
the full font, except for the expected increase in font size.

> But Peter & Andreas, you both say it might be quite a good idea to use
> subsetting? Don't really know what to believe, confusionconfusion...  
> :-)

Like many things it depends on the intended use and context. If 
subsetting was always the right choice, it wouldn't be a GUI option. I 
don't seem to have the context from the prior discussion on this in the 
thread (new message with new subject?) so I may be missing something here.

For example, if I was sending a PDF to a printer and I knew they used 
pre-press tools like PitStop I'd probably try to include full fonts 
where possible. On the other hand, if I'm posting a PDF for viewing over 
the web, I'll subset fonts whenever I possibly can to reduce download sizes.

Craig Ringer

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