[Scribus] Font problem - Bitstream type 1 not working

avox avox
Sun May 7 12:41:47 CEST 2006

Peter Haraldson wrote:
> I have filed a private bugreport - yes I found it, thanks. (I really
> thought I had looked all over the page...)
Thanks, I'll look at it shortly.

> About subsetting:
> I did read about it in Scribus manual or homepage, of course I can't
> find it now...
> But it did say something like: "You can use subsetting reliably except
> if you send to commercial printer".

If that's stated on the Scribus webpage it needs corrected.

> And now, I begin to understand - and also getting more and more
> confused!
> This is a ghostscript-related problem.
> gs is not involved in creating the pdf.

My current theory is this:
All Type1 fonts need to define a few std operators: /RD /MD ...
sometimes also named /|- or something like that.
Since those are exactly the same in all fonts some font producers
don't bother to include them.
AR and a lot of other programs silently add the missing operators if needed.
GS didn't until version 8.??; maybe other postscript interpreters still

In this case your fonts would have a problem. OTOH I can't believe a foundry
like Bitstream would sell fonts with such a problem. I'll take a look at
fonts and try to find out more.

Peter, that bug in ghostscript would explain my problems. But then they
say it's corrected in version 8.1+, I have 8.15?
Maybe I should file a bugreport to ghostscript about this?

That's what I also don't understand. Can you find out the exact version
of ghostscript you are using: ESP, GPL or AFPL ?

I'll try to get more info from my printshop, hope I can find out exactly
what they use (gs or ?) even though they are not technicians.

About the pdf-viewers: 

Small question: Does AcrobatReader use ghostscript? Or does it have it's
own interpreter?

No, AR has its own PDF engine and font engine.
KGhostview uses gs for both, hence the error.
xpdf uses its own PDF engine and probably FreeType as font engine
(same as Scribus uses)
gsview probably uses gs for both.

There's only a handful of PS interpreters: Adobe, gs (from Artifex) and
a few others. The Adobe one is considered standard, gs is the only one
available for free, although AFAIK Artifex also sells their interpreter for
special purposes (the GPL one is always a year older).
Another company named ESP patched the GPL'd version of gs to add
more printer drivers, that has a still older code than the GPL version.
ESP gs is used by CUPS.

(if you aren't confused enough I can supply yet more facts ;-) )

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