[Scribus] Font problem - Bitstream type 1 not working

Peter Haraldson peterharaldson
Sun May 7 10:59:30 CEST 2006

I have filed a private bugreport - yes I found it, thanks. (I really
thought I had looked all over the page...)

About subsetting:
I did read about it in Scribus manual or homepage, of course I can't
find it now...
But it did say something like: "You can use subsetting reliably except
if you send to commercial printer".

And now, I begin to understand - and also getting more and more
This is a ghostscript-related problem.
gs is not involved in creating the pdf.
Peter, that bug in ghostscript would explain my problems. But then they
say it's corrected in version 8.1+, I have 8.15?
Maybe I should file a bugreport to ghostscript about this?

I'll try to get more info from my printshop, hope I can find out exactly
what they use (gs or ?) even though they are not technicians.

About the pdf-viewers: 
Peter wrote:
>>>Anything else it likely to fool a user that there is a defect in
>Scribus PDF or EPS export or is missing functionality. This is noted
>in different forms in 3 different places in the documentation.

>To put it bluntly: ghostview, gv, ggv and in some cases kghostview
>will not view a perfectly valid EPS or PDF file. ghostview and gv are
>old, unmaintained, ugly and need to be retired from modern distros IMO. <<<

Yes, I do know which are supposed to be reliable. My confusion here is
because only kghostview gave me errors, and the file was not printable!
So in some way it wasn't a valid pdf - but the reliable viewers did not
complain? There is a defect- kghostview doesn't fool me? Maybe it's
actually a gs-problem, but then:
1) The ghostscript-bug states there is missing information in the
fontfile. To me it sounds like a bad font, which ghostscript can
correct. If so, these fonts should not be used I think?
2) Postscript-printers normally don't use gs? This means that the
correction ghostscript does (in almost all versions) needs to be done by
the printer. Again, to me it sounds as if I should not use these fonts.
But I'll be more than happy if I can - I'll lose most of my fonts if

Small question: Does AcrobatReader use ghostscript? Or does it have it's
own interpreter?
  Peter Haraldson
  peterharaldson at ml1.net

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