[Scribus] Font problem - Bitstream type 1 not working

Peter Haraldson peterharaldson
Mon May 1 19:01:32 CEST 2006

Having read a lot about fonts, I decided to use type1-fonts from
Bitstream, delivered with CorelVentura for WinNT, bought somewhere
around 1999. Age should not be a problem, only Type 1 fonts before 1991
are warned for.
Result: The produced pdf won't print, kghostview outputs "Embedded font
uses undefined procedure RD" same for ND, 2 lines repeated lots of
times. Finally: "this pdf does not conform to standard..."
BUT! Acroread 5 on Linux, 7 on WinXP views and prints fine, no error
messages! Going to my local printer, it won't print. No messages.
AcrobatReader is supposed to be the best pdf-reader available, Scribus
is supposed to be "very fussy about fonts", discarding unusable fonts.
Using these fonts In Ventura for WinNT, there weren't one single problem
(but then it doesn't create PDF's).
The only fonts that work fine so far are those with "Foundry: unknown" -
font experts clearlly warns for such fonts!

Now I'm looking for an answer to a few questions:
1) What is actually wrong with the fonts? "Undefined procedure"...what
does it mean? Could I edit something in the .afm-files for instance?
2) If Bitstream Type1 is no good - then what can I trust, how do I know?
Is there any way to test fonts besides using kghostview - which only
says some fonts are unusable but not which of them? 
  Peter Haraldson
  peterharaldson at ml1.net

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