[Scribus] Vector graphic?

Gerhard Gaußling ggnewsletter
Fri Mar 31 18:59:23 CEST 2006

Am Freitag, 31. M?rz 2006 16:38 schrieb Frank Cox:
>  plastic bags printed
To print on plastic bags one need a serigraphic print technic, which 
relies on spotcolors and vector graphics, to make it easy for the 

If you give a bitmap to the printer, please make it shure you use 
Photoshop with multichannel mode (For each color one channel, eg. up to 
nine spot color channels) and safe the artwork as psd as well.

There is no FOSS application I know that will do this Job for you.

It depends on the artwork, but it could be very complicate to redraw 
your artwork as a vector or multichannel bitmap, and do all the 
trapping. Thefore I guess the prize they will charge you is worth it.

All this does not apply if they'll print in 4color sheme CMYK, which is 
also possible, with it's downsides. It's not possible to achieve 
similar results as with the offset printing technic on paper, which is 
more register-true. Due to these downsides of screenprintings the 
technic is limited in the screenwidth, and therefore in resolution, and 

Because of the lack of precise register-truth in screen printing it's 
often better to work with spotcolors in 100% opacity and do a good job 
in trapping than using bitmaps for 4 color process.  

kind regards

Gerhard Gau?ling

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