[Scribus] 1.3.4 - The Great Breakage Part 2

Robert Kaiser KaiRo
Fri Mar 31 13:39:38 CEST 2006

Petr Van?k schrieb:
> Dne ?tvrtek 30 b?ezen 2006 23:39 avox napsal(a):
>> Petr Van?k-2 wrote:
>>> sure. Esp. that there is smaller set of accents in Cz than in De ;)
>> In your dreams, mate! German only has ??? and ?.
>> Whereas Czech has even words which alone have four different accents, like
>> "T??vr??". Just looking at the Czech sample text makes me dizzy...  :-)
> hehe, ok, ok, I was wrong... btw is that '?' still in use? I've heard 
> something about replacing by 'ss' in modern Deutsch.

Only in a small set of cases where it made sense, i.e. now there's a 
general rule that it's 'ss' after a short vocal, and that's not changing 
in different forms of the word. After long vocals the '?' is still used 
(except in Switzerland, where it's been 'ss' for ages to not need an 
additional character on their keyboards, as they have three official 
languages in the country).

Robert Kaiser

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