[Scribus] that's incredible! 1.3.3 win version quicker than fc5 version

PLinnell mrdocs
Wed Mar 29 19:10:43 CEST 2006

On Wednesday 29 March 2006 18:05, luca colferai wrote:
> I'm astonished,
> and sincerely sad...
> I've installed scribus 1.3.3 on my 2/3 years old win pc (AMD Athlon
> XP 2400 1gb ram NDIVIA GeForce 2) in few minutes, started, loaded
> scribus files made on a "putaputer" (brazilian slang: AMD Athlon 64
> 3000 2gb ram Ati Radeon 9550) with fc4 and fc5 et voil?!
> On fc5-scribus loading time it's many many minutes, and a slow slow
> slow slow slow blank window, text management it's a real pain; on
> winxp nothing wrong happens... same files! (ten A4 pages with text,
> graphics and pictures) I know, it's a good new for the staff, and
> also for me: I can finish my 200 pages book in color with beloved
> scribus (and not buy other damned ugly expensive dtp software) but
> that make me cry!
> Why linux version it's slower than win version, on a newer quicker
> hardware? What's a pity!
> Greetings from Venezia
> it's springtime!


Was this compiled from sources or from an rpm ?

Do you have selinux enabled ? Fedora 5 has some pretty advanced 
selinux capabilities and it can affect how applications work. 


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