[Scribus] 1.3.4 - The Great Breakage Part 2

Craig Bradney cbradney
Tue Mar 28 14:04:40 CEST 2006


Well, within the next days we are guessing that those 1.3.x release users will 
move up to 1.3.3 and hopefully enjoy the experience there. CVS users will of 
course be up-to-date with their next update.

This is just a note to say that 1.3.4 promises some major changes to Scribus, 
including work on the new text engine, character and paragraph styles, GUI 
changes including the new Style Manager, and a whole lot of other changes and 
general cleanups. Because of this, we would like to advise those that use 
1.3.x for real work should be very careful if they decide to use CVS. We 
would suggest that you keep 1.3.3 around for general use, and play in CVS 
only. For advice on dual installation, please refer to docs.scribus.net or 
ask here or in IRC.

With the new text system, or the parts that arrive in 1.3.4cvs, there may be 
days where your old documents look rather strange indeed, or may not load at 
all.. although you shouldn't expect any explosions caused by Scribus :). We 
plan to provide a compatibility mode for loading old documents to hopefully 
keep the formatting correct, but this may not be a part of the first stage of 

We will endeavour to keep 1.3.4 cvs buildable and usable in general, but 
day-to-day this may not be possible (sometimes some of us have to sleep too).

I expect we will release in the near future to cover any issues that 
need fixing in 1.3.3 before 1.3.4 is stabilised.

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