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Ruth Rickard ruth
Tue Mar 28 11:45:54 CEST 2006

>Mon, 27 Mar 2006 18:21:16 -0800
>From: Benjamin Huot <benjaminhuot at comcast.net>

Dear Benjamin,

Thanks for the  list (which didn't include where exactly to put the Ghostscript, although it is implied by the path you give lower down - otherwise this would be useful on the download page). Eventually I could do it, but was delayed many times by the fact that the A & B folders have exactly the same names and creation dates as the ones I downloaded yesterday, so that took a bit to sort out. Are they, in fact, different?

I did all the things you said and opened up (no Wizard screen, by the way) just as I did yesterday and defined the path to Ghostscript (which wasn't /bin because the page on the website doesn't say that) but it turns out anyway that the downloaded Ghostscript is only an alias. I went and looked at it again, I unpacked it again and there it was, an alias. That can't be right, can it?

So sorry to have problems when this is obviously a celebration day for all of you. I love open source and the communities who support it, just the fact that such things can exist is truly wonderful.

Best wishes


>1. Download the Scribus Aqua, Libraries A and B, and Ghostscript from
>2. Open them up so you get folders from the files and an icon for Scribus
>3. Put the Scribus icon in /Applications
>4. compare folders A and B to /Library/Frameworks and remove any
>previous versions of the A and B frameworks first in the Frameworks folder
>5. then put the new frameworks in from folders A and B into
>6. then launch Scribus from the /Applications folder
>7. then push cancel on the new page wizard and choose Preferences from
>the Scribus menu and scroll down and click on External Tools
>8. Browse to the gsc file under Postscript Interpreter from the Change
>9. It is in the /Library/Frameworks/Ghostscript.framework/bin folder
>10. Then quit and then relaunch Scribus as before
>11. If you did all that correctly, there shouldn't be any error messages
>when Scribus is started
>If someone could keep a .pkg installer available for the latest version,
>then this would be much easier for Mac users as they are not used to
>following this many steps to install an application.
>Benjamin Huot wrote:
>> This is a native Mac installer - its as easy as installing Apple
>> software on OS X. Note: this is just version 1.3.2. I have successfully
>> and easily installed Scribus this way on OS X.
>> http://www.scribus.org.uk/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=index&catid=&topic=9
>> I am now downloading the packaging from aqua.scribus.net of 1.3.3 to see
>> how hard that will be to install.
>> Ruth Rickard wrote:
>>> Hello
>>> I am new here - and not entirely sure if this is the right forum for me or not (perhaps someone can advise...).
>>> I downloaded Scribus-Aqua-1.3.2-2006-01-23.tar.bz2  only yesterday but seeing you have a new release went duly to the URL mentioned but there is no such release there. Was this just for other platforms? Of course, I assumed not, so can you point me in the right direction?
>>> And could some kind person explain what is Ghostscript and how I can install it without having to do developer things? It seems I have to have it. I do the best for my Mac (iBook, OS 10.3.9) but I have chosen not to go down the road of serious system tinkering - there are too many other things for me to learn and life is short. However, if it is an AppleScript and all I have to do is put it in the folder and run it, I think I can do that.
>>> Best wishes
>>> Ruth Rickard
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